A Reason to Feel

Today, I've allowed myself to actually feel what I've been experiencing over the past few weeks!

Emotions are part of our human nature, and we must acknowledge them openly to heal them.
The worse thing we can do to ourselves is the stuff our emotions/experiences down and mask them with other things.
As an advocate for mental well-being, you often will find me promoting the practice of sitting with your emotions, seeking God about how we are actually feeling, and taking time to lay our burdens at His feet to experience comfort.
Yet, this life we live can become heavy, and come at us like a bulldozer in almost an instant and we don't have time to respond in a healthy way as we should. If left unaddressed, it can impact our entire existence and our ability to live, laugh, love, and learn.
Although I serve faithfully as a vessel of encouragement for many; my life is not without hardship. It is because of the hardships, where I personally have to seek GOD nakedly to maintain hope that I serve a God who wants to take away the weight that we try soo hard to carry on our own. If I refuse to do that, I am of no good to myself, my purpose, and the people around me.
Similarly, I encourage you as the Word says to go to Him in all your weariness and burden and receive rest (Matthew 11:28)."
In acknowledging those feelings, seeking God, and trusting Him; choose to release all the worry, stress, and concerns about tomorrow, because tomorrow has a set of issues of its own.
Candice Phillips, M.S, BCMHC
Owner of The Wellness Haven Co.
Advocate for Healing, Growth, and Transformation

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