Dear High Performing Woman

Dear High Performing Woman

Dear High Performing Woman,

It’s okay to not be okay! I remember in 2018 being the superhero for everybody else and advocating my butt off for my clients, while knowingly and unknowingly my mental health was taking a toll.

I sat in a Mental Health First Aid Training to gain more knowledge on how to work with my clients who lived with mental health challenges and substance use disorders; but in reality, it magnified everything that I had been hiding for over 11 years!

I was a high performing woman with high functioning anxiety, depression, and unresolved trauma from my past and was afraid to get help because I thought telling people I was struggling with a mental illness would discredit my professional credibility as a therapist in training. But the truth is, I was of no good to anyone if I kept trying to hide my condition and needed to get help!

With God as my guide, my husband as my support, I took a step back from my career, and embraced the recovery journey! My journey to recovery had a purpose bigger than me. My personal life, my professional life, and all God had me do up until that point made everything that God wanted me to do make sense.

In my brokenness, my surrender to his purification and the increase in my faith in God is what healed me. I was no longer ashamed of saying I struggled with anxiety and depression. I was screaming it out loud, that I was broken, but God healed me.

In that healing he gave me everything that I needed to share with His people to help them heal their emotions, grow their mindset, and experience transformation and freedom beyond the pain they had experienced!

Today, I live out loud my purpose and newfound freedom as I am, boldly and unapologetically! I embrace every moment with gladness and thanksgiving!


I encourage you today to acknowledge your issue, seek help, grow with God, let Him heal you, and THRIVE in purpose Unmasked and Unashamed!

P.S: I’m here for you when you’re ready to do the inner work through my Heal Well and THRIVE coaching program!




Candice Phillips, M.S, BCMHC

Mindset + Mental Health Maven


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