The Tools To Heal

The Tools To Heal

The tools that we use to heal matter!

It can be building our faith in Christ through His Word, taking time to self-reflect, incorporating the help of others, seeking professional help, or the healing testimony of somebody else story.

So let’s talk…
I’ve been a victim of many hardships and because of that, I dealt with unresolved trauma for years!

Leaving my trauma unaddressed was the worse decision I could have made because when I became a mother, the aftermath of my pregnancy pushed me into depression, yet because of the stigma; I denied every question on the assessment that would tell me I was depressed! Why? Because, I didn’t want a label as mentally ill as a Masters Level professional, who was supposed to help other “broken” people!

The devil had me believing that because of a season, I was not qualified; but the gag is, God wanted to use the very things that brought me to this point and more to tell a story of healing, redemption, transformation, and victory in Christ Jesus!

Because God showed me it was a better way to heal from the trauma with Him, I now do the same for other people desiring to heal, grow, and experience transformation!

Take time today to explore what you may be facing, and take into a stride that help is available! The “help” may not look how you wanted it or what you thought it would be, but God has sent you help!

It’s time for you to take the hand of His helper for YOU!!


Candice Phillips, M.S, BCMHC
Christian Life and Mental Health Coach


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