The Wellness Haven Fund

The Wellness Haven Co. (previously SCM Healing Essentials) developed The Wellness Haven Fund initially in March 2020 to provide financial scholarships for those impacted by mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The increasing rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, and substance use disorder still remain alarming; and investing in the hearts, minds, and souls of God's people is important to our vision. 
Every time an order is placed with us, a tenth of every sale goes towards The Wellness Haven Fund to help lessen the out-of-pocket costs for those in need of therapy and life coaching services and also educating individuals through Mental Health First Aid Training.
Our application for support is available year-round, but funds may be limited. When funds are limited, you will be notified directly, and provided additional resources, and placed on our waitlist. If you would like to apply, submit your application here.

If you will like to make a donation to The Wellness Haven Fund, please submit your payment below. Based on your contribution, we will ship out products to your home/organization to say thank you!