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The Wellness Haven Co.

Lavender Rose Healing Affirmation Luxury Candle 15oz

Lavender Rose Healing Affirmation Luxury Candle 15oz

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Unlock your inner peace with our Healing Affirmation Candle. Made with a blend of calming fragrances, this beautiful candle will fill your space with a soothing atmosphere and inspire uplifting thoughts. With its message of self-compassion, healing, hope, and positivity, light the Healing Affirmation Candle to encourage mindful moments of tranquility and serenity. The perfect addition to any room in need of positive vibes!

Meet our Lavender Rose Scent

Our signature Lavender Rose scent provides a floral essence of comfort and warm embrace. Hand blended by our founder, you are sure to enjoy every moment while diving into your devotional and taking time out for you.


Burn Time: 75+ hours

Wax Type: Soy Wax

Process: Handmade in Atlanta, GA in small batches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bryant Phillips
Smell like healing

I love the smell of this candle and it burns perfectly.

Monique Brown
My Self Care Gift to ME

Let's talk about the packing first. It was so calming to look on til I didn't want to break the package open (Like an Alabaster Box). I really did handle it with care. What an excellent selection. WELL DONE!

Now let's talk the creative way the contents were delicately and intentionally packed. Ohhhh YES, I appreciate the small things, that lead the bigger things.

Last but not least, the Hand Poured CANDLE, OMG, how beautiful and aromatic and would it have one of my FAVORITE SCRIPTURES on the front? Yeeessssss! 😵 I fell in love with the WHOLE PACKAGE! I believe this candle was STRATEGICALLY crafted and I am grateful to have it in my possession.

Keep up the GREAT work!
Monique Brown 😃

Amazing Candle Scent

I purchased the LOVE themed candle and really enjoy the fragrance. The Wellness Haven Co. does a great job creating products that I have come to know and love!


I love, love, love SCM Essentials!!! Candice puts so much care into making her candles and order preparation. I could smell the candles through the lovely box and had to take a peak! My candles didnt stand a chance... I burned one everyday! Cant wait to re-order... ??