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Let’s Talk Mental Health Conversation Starter Deck

Let’s Talk Mental Health Conversation Starter Deck

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Safe Conversations about mental health should be happening in more spaces then just the therapy room!

Do you feel like your conversations about mental health are often one-sided? Our Mental Health Conversation Starter Cards offer an innovative solution for sparking meaningful discussions about mental health. With over 30 conversation starters, these cards make it easier to navigate sensitive topics, such as mental wellness and mindfulness. Perfect for individuals, couples, and groups, our cards open up pathways to learning more about each other’s feelings and challenges while engaging in helpful conversations that provide empathy and support. Get started on a journey of emotional exploration today with our Let’s Talk Mental Health: Mental Health Conversation Starter Cards!



(36) Conversation Starters with Resource and Instruction Cards

Card stock: (S30) Standard Smooth

Card finishing: MPC game card finish



These cards are not meant to replace the need for an individual needing to seek support, but to open up honest conversations surrounding mental wellness, self-care, and healing. These cards may provoke some uncomfortable emotions, and its okay to admit "I'm not okay" and utilize the resource cards available for yourself or a friend.

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Customer Reviews

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Very Resourceful

I enjoyed taking time to self-reflect with the conversation deck. This was also a very resourceful tool used as a therapeutic approach with my therapy clients. I also love all the resource lists included in this deck. These are soo fitting in or out of the therapy room. Innovative way to normalize conversations about mental health.