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Wellness Workshop Facilitation Request

Wellness Workshop Facilitation Request

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Book a workshop/training/event that promotes a lifestyle of transformation, growth, and healing in our society by encouraging a God path towards wholeness. Your group/organization will be educated and equipped with the knowledge and skills to live joy-filled abundant lives and serve as an advocate for overall well-being in the areas of self-care, spiritual growth, and mental health.

You can select one of our signature programs/ or have us prepare a customized program that will benefit your organization.

Note: This is simply a request for workshop facilitation and does not serve as a binding contract with our company and your organization. Once we receive your request, we will reach out within 24 to 48 hours to further setup a meeting to discuss your needs and budget.

See a detailed overview of each program:


Adult Mental Health First Aid

Online and In-Person (4 to 5.5 hours)

This training includes a 2-hour self-paced online portion and test, and 5.5-hour video conferencing instruction led by 1-2  certified trainers. All participants will learn the common signs and symptoms of a mental illness., the common signs and symptoms of a substance use disorder, how to interact with a person in crisis, how to connect the person to help, and training on trauma, addiction, and self-care.

All manuals/resources, course instruction, and certification are provided in the course cost.

$175 pp, Min 6 students, maximum 25.


Free From Fear Group Coaching Program

Online (6 weeks)

During this five-session transformative group coaching experience, you will learn the five steps to coming from under the bondage of mental stagnation, stress, low self-esteem, and fear to experiencing emotional healing, mental growth, and inner transformation so that you can walk confidently in your purpose to serve those you've been called to serve! You will be led through the five-step roadmap to help you break free from your relationship with fear. We will (1) identify barriers of change, (2) overcome the peril of fear, (3) build your faith, (4) understand the promises of God, (5) position yourself for purpose. $197 pp, Min 10 participants


Just Breathe: A Creative Workshop for Mindful Meditation

In-Person Only (90 minutes)

During our 90-minute class, you will learn the basics of essential oils, ingredients, and the benefits of one's mental well-being. You will engage in relaxation exercises and enjoy a guided product-making demonstration. We'll provide all the natural ingredients, essential oils, packaging supplies, wrapping, aprons, and even some recipes for inspiration, as well as tips on how to create safe and effective products. After making your own products, we open the floor for questions and comments over a cup of tea and light refreshments.

$75 pp. Min 6 students, maximum 25


Mind Your Mental Health: A Self Compassion Pause Workshop

Online and In-Person  (90 minutes)

Compassion is helpers' response to the needs of others' hardship, while our hearts and mind are yearnings for self-compassion. During this 90 minute workshop led by our owner, Candice Phillips, participants will gain clarity on the importance of self-compassion and mental wellness, identify negative self-thought patterns towards themselves, learn healthy mindfulness and self-compassion practices to redirect negative thoughts, manage stress and anxiety, increase self-worth, nurture self-compassion, promote wellbeing, and boost positive thinking. All supplies will be provided in the cost of the workshop. $75 pp, Min 6 participants, Max 25 participants


Mindset Reset: Dismantling Lies and Embracing Truth

Online and In-Person (6 hours)

During this six-session transformative group experience, we will address the 10 cognitive distortions an individual may inwardly be experiencing and address overcoming this issue/problem from a biblical perspective while utilizing evidence-based coaching processes to help you dismantle the lie and embrace truth. At the end of this workshop, each participant will have gained understanding and recognition of the cognitive distortions that have negatively impacted their life, will have gained the tools and techniques to address cognitive distortions, will have regained control over one's mindset and emotions, and feel empowered, and developed a plan to recreate their story by applying practical biblical-based coaching. $125 pp, Min 10 participants


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Customer Reviews

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Helena Fields

My experience in the Free From Fear group with Candice was amazing. She was committed to teaching us the Biblical principles we needed to move forward in all aspects of our lives. I am truly grateful for the experience, and I will use what I learned to live a more purposed life.

Tony M Rogers Jr

Phenomenal DIY candle making experience! She is patient, knowledgeable and a great teacher. 4 of us did this experience together and we all agreed it was well worth our time. Great job ????