The Fight to Mental Freedom (Poem)

The Fight to Mental Freedom (Poem)

Because of a past intertwined with pain, I earned a few new names.

Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD!

On the surface, I appeared fine!

But under stress and entering into new environments, I was anxious inside!

It took a lot to be me, as I embraced new environments, had to hold intelligent conversations, and exist in a World overstimulated by daily demands!

Life was difficult but made easier...

When I prepared in advance!

When I could be confident the people around me were trustworthy.

When I did things that brought me joy!

When I immersed myself in an atmosphere that was quiet, and I could think free from distractions.

Yet, it became more important for me to not only survive but THRIVE beyond the diagnosis to know that I controlled "it” and “it” didn’t control me, my family, and my destiny.

I remember how a spiraling episode of anxiety, could send me into hours, days, and weeks into a zombie depression.

Absent in mind, present in the body (sounds odd right), yet it’s true.

It’s existing and being totally zoned out! It's sulking in a pit, seeking a way out!

It's wondering when will this horror story end for me.

But then one day, I got sick and tired!

I put a name to what I was experiencing!

I told Anxiety, Fear, PTSD, and Depression you have no authority here!

I trusted God, got help, and I commanded them to release the grip they had on me!

I believed in every battle, that it was time that I take control of the full destiny ahead of me, and anxiety, fear, PTSD, and Depression weren't invited along the ride!


I believed in every battle, that it was my time to radiate sunshine and glow.


I fought for my freedom in blood, sweat, tears, prayers, and therapy.

I embraced every hardship and came out stronger.

Now I reign as a champion - healed, happy, and whole in Christ Jesus!



Candice Phillips, M.S, BCMHC

Kingdom Mindset and Mental Health Coach

Advocate for Healing, Growth, and Transformation

P.S: A diagnosis doesn’t care about your age, ethnic background, economic status, or religion. None of us are exempt, but there is a choice to respond.

Because of my choice to seek help, fight for my freedom, and take action to protect my heart when affected by a mental health challenge; I now live free from a past painted in pain, and embrace a path prepared for purpose!

I encourage you to do the same!

Help is available! Healing is available!


P.S: If you are in need of support on your Faith and Healing journey, let’s connect to see how I can help you through a complimentary call!

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